Types of Services Offered

  • Body Waxing

Our goal at Star Waxing Salon is to provide our clients with discreet, exceptional service, with a friendly disposition, clean, comfortable environment, professional salon atmosphere, all at fair price! To smooth skin and to prevent in-grown hairs, we use a pre-wax lotion, that just came out on the market. After waxing, in-grown hairs are cleaned up and a calming mint gel or tend skin solution is applied, which prevents in-grown hairs and keeps skin smooth. Our technique is quick and painless, our goal is to keep our clients at an exceptional comfort level. We use organic honey wax, or a special strawberry wax for sensitive skin, as well as a brief massage with oil, or a mint calming gel to people with a lot of in-grown hair, which calms the skin as well. We provide long lasting results.Waxing Salon - Organic honey wax

High quality products that we use:

  • Organic honey wax
    Tend skin
    Calming mint gel
    Azulen Oil
    Aloe Vera
    For men, alcohol

Neosporin, to prevent infection when cleaning in-grown hairs,
or when there is irritation from wax soon after shaving.

Waxing is not recommended when the affected skin is irritated, post surgical procedures, sunburned, or has been shaved in the preceding week. It is also not recommended to use the pool, jacuzzi, or sunbathe in anyway the day of waxing as it might increase irritation.

Star Waxing Salon in Beverly HillsGeneral recommendation and advice:

During shower always use loofa, to help prevent in-grown hair and keep skin smooth. Also, do not shave or use hair removal creams, this makes the hair rough and rigid, and makes waxing painful. Waxing generally last between 3 to 8 weeks.

With regular waxing the hair becomes softer and there is less regrowth.
If one shaves, you have to wait at least 2 to 3 weeks from the time of shaving, to wax, because the hair is too short if you do it earlier and will not wax off.

Procedures include:





Full legs

Under Arms

Bikini(regular, Brazilian or full)

Lower legs

Upper Lip






And Much More!

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Our Facility

Treatments are provided in a relaxing room where pressure release is emphasized. Our skin care products have been cautiously and scientifically evaluated for your needs.

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